Sell your car

To keep your Kavak warranty valid, the vehicle must be serviced at Kavaks' authorized Service Centers. 

The Periodic Maintenance is important as it includes the replacement of the consumable items and parts, and it ensures that the vehicle is always performing well. 

Some vehicles have the option for displaying the Next Service due Date/ Mileage in the cluster.
In case your vehicle doesn’t have the option, you can follow the Service Sticker fixed on your car, or you can follow the Service booklet provided by the Dealer.

It is important to not skip any car service, mainly because we can identify small problems in your vehicle before they become serious 

You may have a battery problem if the starter motor cranks the engine slowly or the Battery/Charging warning lamp is illuminated, or even if the Battery failed in the inspection test during the Periodic Maintenance visit.

It is recommended to replace the brake pads when the thickness is less than 3 mm. 

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