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To keep your Kavak warranty valid, the vehicle must be serviced at Kavaks' authorized Service Centers. 

Kavak Warranty covers the major faulty components of the engine and the drivetrain that has occurred due to manufacturer failures. 

We believe buying a car should be fun, not frustrating. Here's what to expect when you buy a car with Kavak.

Hight Quality Cars: We offer high-quality cars that go through rigorous inspections, are certified to strict quality standards and come with extended warranties.

Transparent & Haggle-Free: Kavak provides the best competitive price up front and has no hidden fees. No negotiation, no nonsense, just great customer service.

Trust: Our team is here to find you the very best car - based on what you need. We're not pushing a single brand or model. We're happy, when you're happy.

Convenience: Our job doesn't end when you select a car, we'll trade-in your old one and help you secure financing and insurance too.

Yes, it is possible to buy the car with 0 down payment & we can arrange a loan from the bank.

Selling your car to Kavak is very simple. The steps you must follow are:

1. Enter your car's details on the Sell section of the Kavak website.
2. If you are happy with our offer, schedule an inspection appointment at a Kavak Hub or in the comfort of your home.
3. Receive the validated purchase offer, accept it and receive payment for your car.

The Periodic Maintenance is important as it includes the replacement of the consumable items and parts, and it ensures that the vehicle is always performing well. 

The warranty is not transferable 

We make it fun and easy to buy a car. First, explore the hundreds of cars at or visit us in person at our hub. If you're not sure, talk to one of our friendly team. They are here to help you find your dream car. Once you find it, reserve it! 

We have both Islamic & conventional financing products.

Kavak uses market data along with its proprietary analytics to determine the fair market value of your car. The price is transparent and can be found using our online valuation tool. Adjustments to the rate will be made based on the cost of repairs on the car to meet our quality standards.

Some vehicles have the option for displaying the Next Service due Date/ Mileage in the cluster.
In case your vehicle doesn’t have the option, you can follow the Service Sticker fixed on your car, or you can follow the Service booklet provided by the Dealer.

Roadside assistance is not covered by Kavak standard warranty.

Kavak buys cars from individuals like you. We only buy about 2% of the cars that come our way, to ensure only the best cars become Kavak cars. 

We work with 9 different banks and financing companies. Based on the information provided, we will work with the banks to provide you with the best rates.

It can take between 15 to 2 hours, depending on  which payment method you prefer.

If you chose to use Bank Transfer, we will complete the transaction within 15 - 20 minutes. Please keep in mind that this might be delayed further by your bank.

If you choose CASH, once the title transfer is done our assistant will meet you at Al Ansari exchange to initiate the payment. Please note that it could take up to 2 hours for Al Ansari to generate process and have your cash ready for collection.

It is important to not skip any car service, mainly because we can identify small problems in your vehicle before they become serious 

The four main tires will be replaced during the recondition process if:
1- The age is more than 4 years old
and/ or
2- The tread depth is less than 3 mm
The spare tire will be replaced if it doesn’t meet the RTA standards.

It is very easy to reserve the car you want! Once you've decided on the car you are interested in, simply click on reserve car.

Fill in necessary information & pay the refundable deposit with your credit card.

Should you need to cancel your reservation, Kavak will refund your deposit in FULL.

Yes you can close your loan early. Please note that the bank will charge an early settlement fee of 1%

None. You will have to clear any fines on your vehicle prior to transfer. We pride ourselves on our transparency and you will not have to worry about any unpleasant surprises on your journey with us.

The inspection will take no more than 30 minutes.

You may have a battery problem if the starter motor cranks the engine slowly or the Battery/Charging warning lamp is illuminated, or even if the Battery failed in the inspection test during the Periodic Maintenance visit.

The Brake Pads and the Brake Discs will be replaced during the reconditioning process if the thickness is below the manufacturer's guidelines and the Kavak Safety guidelines. 

Yes, you can extend your reservation by contacting our team.

It takes between 1 & 2 days to get the approvals. 

To sell your car you need the following items:

Emirates ID (Vaild)
Car registration

If car is mortgaged;
Liability letter from the bank

It is recommended to replace the brake pads when the thickness is less than 3 mm. 

The Body and Paint are not covered under Kavak Warranty. 

Yes - the inimum salary required is only 3K AED

Yes! Kavak offers home service or feel free to come by our Hub for some coffee and chocolates while our inspectors complete the process.

Kavak Inspectors check the vehicle operations and performance including the mechanics, electricals, electronics and the body & paint.

We offer the best competitive price up front, so the process is completely transparent. We don't negotiate on pricing, and we also don't add any hidden fees or other surprises.

1st instalment will come after 45 days take now and pay later.

We deliver all the documents related to the car, but there are some procedures that you must manage personally (for example, the change of owner). We will give you the file so that you can carry out the necessary procedures with the transit authority.

60 minutes. That is how long a transfer takes. You will be accompanied by a member of our team to go to relevant authorities and complete the transfer in just one hour.

To keep your warranty valid, you need to:
1- Follow the Periodic Maintenance Schedule as per the Manufacturer’s Standards
2- Ensure the vehicle is being Serviced at Kavak’s authorized Service Centers
3- Avoid installing vehicle modifications and After Market Parts

Kavak cars are free from major accidents with structural damage. Some cars may be in minor accidents where the damage was minimal and the repairs were completed at the highest standards.

It is very simple they will call you and they will ask some questions like your salary your companyy name your DOJ etc then they will approved the loan.

Kavak only buys cars that are:
Less than 8 years old
With less than 130,000 km
No major accidents
Must be GCC specifications

Kavak provides a 3-month Warranty along with the purchase of the car. 

Yes, you can see the car at our Hub.

If you had already reserved the car and don't love it, leave the car and take your deposit back.

The loan tenure can be a minimum of 6 months & mazimum of 60 months.

Our 240-point appraisal service is free of charge.

The Periodic Maintenance is chargeable as it includes the replacement of the consumable items and parts in the car. 

This is dependent on the bank you are working with. Ask our team about financing solutions.

Yes the age range is between 21 to 60 years old. 

Quality is very important to us at Kavak and all the cars we buy are thoroughly inspected. After a detailed 240 points inspection (covering the mechanical, electrical and aesthetic aspects of the car), we will share a final price.


The documents you need are:
Passport visa page
Emirates ID - front & back
Driving license
Salary Certificate

To schedule an inspection appointment, enter your car's details in the "sell your car" section on our website. You can choose to schedule an appointment in the comfort of your home or at the Kavak hub. If for any reason you cannot get an appointment at the time you want, you can request an appraisal appointment from the customer service line via telephone.

Our cars all come with 90-days free warranty, guaranteeing you a smooth and dependable ride.

Yes, we can arrange a loan for you. 

You will have to submit the service history of the car, any warranty booklet as well as the original key(s).

No, Kavak works with trusted partners to get you the best rate on your car financing. 

The minimum loan about is AED25K and Max is AED 1Million

Kavak is not a classified site, meaning all cars we have are our own. We do not list other people’s cars for sale, we only buy for our inventory.

Yes. Our team will be by your side every step along the way.

Yes we can arrange the loan from your home. 

Summary quotation of vehicle (provided by Kavak)
6-month bank statement
ID copy of buyer
Salary certificate from your employer
Post Dated Checks (if financed via financing company)

Yes, you can trade-in your old car towards your new one.
First, you need to get a preliminary price quote for the car you want to trade-in from our website. Then, after the inspection, we will give you our final price offer, which you can use towards your new car

Yes, if you're looking to sell your car, we'll be happy to take it off your hands.

No, we offer the best competitive price upfront, so everything is completely transparent

All our cars are located in our Hub at Dubai Festival Plaza (the "new Ikea").

All our cars are delivered with 90 day, mechanical and electrical warranty. In addition, we offer the option to extend your warranty up to 12 months/25,000 km with Kavak Total.

Our team can provide you with insurance at a separate cost.

We want you to have the car of your dreams with Kavak. We have 2 payment methods specific to your preferences: Cash payment or car loan

If for any reason you do not like the car, inform our team and go to any of our centers with all the documents and the car given to you at the time of purchase. Our teams there will carry out the necessary checks and depending on your choice (exchange or refund) the transaction will be carried out.

Our returns are completely free. It takes about 1 week for the payment to be credited to your account.

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