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Kavak Warranty covers the major faulty components of the engine and the drivetrain that has occurred due to manufacturer failures. 

The warranty is not transferable 

Roadside assistance is not covered by Kavak standard warranty.

The Body and Paint are not covered under Kavak Warranty. 

Kavak Inspectors check the vehicle operations and performance including the mechanics, electricals, electronics and the body & paint.

To keep your warranty valid, you need to:
1- Follow the Periodic Maintenance Schedule as per the Manufacturer’s Standards
2- Ensure the vehicle is being Serviced at Kavak’s authorized Service Centers
3- Avoid installing vehicle modifications and After Market Parts

Kavak provides a 3-month Warranty along with the purchase of the car. 

The Periodic Maintenance is chargeable as it includes the replacement of the consumable items and parts in the car. 

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