Buy a car

We believe buying a car should be fun, not frustrating. Here's what to expect when you buy a car with Kavak.

Hight Quality Cars: We offer high-quality cars that go through rigorous inspections, are certified to strict quality standards and come with extended warranties.

Transparent & Haggle-Free: Kavak provides the best competitive price up front and has no hidden fees. No negotiation, no nonsense, just great customer service.

Trust: Our team is here to find you the very best car - based on what you need. We're not pushing a single brand or model. We're happy, when you're happy.

Convenience: Our job doesn't end when you select a car, we'll trade-in your old one and help you secure financing and insurance too.

We make it fun and easy to buy a car. First, explore the hundreds of cars at or visit us in person at our hub. If you're not sure, talk to one of our friendly team. They are here to help you find your dream car. Once you find it, reserve it! 

Kavak buys cars from individuals like you. We only buy about 2% of the cars that come our way, to ensure only the best cars become Kavak cars. 

The four main tires will be replaced during the recondition process if:
1- The age is more than 4 years old
and/ or
2- The tread depth is less than 3 mm
The spare tire will be replaced if it doesn’t meet the RTA standards.

It is very easy to reserve the car you want! Once you've decided on the car you are interested in, simply click on reserve car.

Fill in necessary information & pay the refundable deposit with your credit card.

Should you need to cancel your reservation, Kavak will refund your deposit in FULL.

The Brake Pads and the Brake Discs will be replaced during the reconditioning process if the thickness is below the manufacturer's guidelines and the Kavak Safety guidelines. 

Yes, you can extend your reservation by contacting our team.

We offer the best competitive price up front, so the process is completely transparent. We don't negotiate on pricing, and we also don't add any hidden fees or other surprises.

We deliver all the documents related to the car, but there are some procedures that you must manage personally (for example, the change of owner). We will give you the file so that you can carry out the necessary procedures with the transit authority.

Kavak cars are free from major accidents with structural damage. Some cars may be in minor accidents where the damage was minimal and the repairs were completed at the highest standards.

Yes, you can see the car at our Hub.

If you had already reserved the car and don't love it, leave the car and take your deposit back.

This is dependent on the bank you are working with. Ask our team about financing solutions.


Our cars all come with 90-days free warranty, guaranteeing you a smooth and dependable ride.

No, Kavak works with trusted partners to get you the best rate on your car financing. 

Yes. Our team will be by your side every step along the way.

Summary quotation of vehicle (provided by Kavak)
6-month bank statement
ID copy of buyer
Salary certificate from your employer
Post Dated Checks (if financed via financing company)

Yes, you can trade-in your old car towards your new one.
First, you need to get a preliminary price quote for the car you want to trade-in from our website. Then, after the inspection, we will give you our final price offer, which you can use towards your new car

Yes, if you're looking to sell your car, we'll be happy to take it off your hands.

No, we offer the best competitive price upfront, so everything is completely transparent

All our cars are located in our Hub at Dubai Festival Plaza (the "new Ikea").

All our cars are delivered with 90 day, mechanical and electrical warranty. In addition, we offer the option to extend your warranty up to 12 months/25,000 km with Kavak Total.

Our team can provide you with insurance at a separate cost.

We want you to have the car of your dreams with Kavak. We have 2 payment methods specific to your preferences: Cash payment or car loan

If for any reason you do not like the car, inform our team and go to any of our centers with all the documents and the car given to you at the time of purchase. Our teams there will carry out the necessary checks and depending on your choice (exchange or refund) the transaction will be carried out.

Our returns are completely free. It takes about 1 week for the payment to be credited to your account.

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